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There's much to see here. I'm entrepreneur and artist Greg Durbin. Please take some time to check out my art and design skills. I invite you to look around and learn more about me. I hope you enjoy my site. Please contact me if you have any questions. I'd love to build a Shopify or GoDaddy website for you at a price that will fit your budget.

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Gregory Durbin has over 8 years experience in content marketing. Creating engaging, eye-catching content is one of Durbin's specialties.

Social Media Marketing

Gregory Durbin, digital marketing and web design for businesses and individuals. Contact Greg today.

 Gregory Durbin is a social media influencer with over 35,000 social media followers across all managed accounts. Durbin uses lots of hashtags and innovative social media strategies to maximize engagement.



Gregory Durbin is an artist who has taken thousands of unique photos that he edits into beautiful works of art only found at Pierce Anderson.

Tenacious Work Ethic


Gregory Durbin will do everything in his power to help you achieve your business goals.



Gregory Durbin is an innovative thinker and creative talent who utilizes growthhack marketing techniques. Durbin's tweets received over 10 Million Organic impressions in 2017.

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Connect with me on Linkedin or Twitter or contact me here.

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Logo Design

pierce anderson logo
Mobile Shopping USA website logo. This logo shows a mobile phone with the letters U.S.A. on screen.
Logo for Mobile Burgers, a website for sale on GoDaddy.
row one brand logo


Beautiful original art designed from thousands of creative photographs taken by Gregory Durbin.

Seattle skyline art. The Gregory Durbin  Art Collection includes cityscapes, oceans, & abstract art.

Durbin has traveled to 39 states and taken photos in cities around the nation, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Seattle, Dallas, Denver, Oklahoma City, Washington D.C., Tulsa, and Santa Fe.

Gregory Durbin

Greg Durbin is an artist, entrepreneur, graphic designer, and web designer. Durbin is for hire.

Hi, welcome to my website and thank you for taking the time to learn more about me. I'm entrepreneur Greg Durbin and for the past 8 years I have helped startups create their brand presence and achieve their goals by using creative content, well-written copy, innovative strategies, and by forming strategic partnerships. I have co-founded some emerging brands including Row One Brand and Coolstub. I have built numerous websites using the GoDaddy and Shopify platforms. I have been involved in all phases of business development from start to finish including domain acquisition, website development, product development, sales, branding, marketing, and forming strategic partnerships. Now, all of those skills and my graphic design abilities, social media marketing skills, video storytelling, and web design talents are available to you. My affordable website design and other business services will fit any budget. I will work remotely to help your business reach its goals no matter what city you are in around the globe.

Brands and websites I helped create were featured on Forbes.com and ESPN.com and I was named one of the 20 Most Inspirational Entrepreneurs of 2017 by DesignMantic. Now, I am here to empower your brand and provide your business the social media marketing tools and SEO copy needed for organic growth. My @Durbin47 Greg Durbin Twitter business account tweets received over 10 million impressions in 2017 and I added over 2,000 organic followers in a single month. I did this by using creative hashtags, posting original art content, and implementing innovative Twitter growth strategies. Over the years, I have built an audience of over 35,000 organic Twitter followers across all of the accounts I currently manage.

I am an artist and have a huge archive of original art, photographs, and historic art that I can access for design work. This collection includes cityscapes, landscapes, sunsets, and a huge collection of retro images and vintage advertisements that can be used for web design, logo creation, or video storytelling. 

I am a web designer and can build Shopify and GoDaddy websites for your business. I have built 11 websites and you can check out some of my recent work by clicking on the links below. I am looking to do web design for lawyers and law firms, restaurants, hair stylists, bands, musicians, athletes, actors, singers, startups, small businesses, and medium size-businesses, and anyone that wants a personal branding website. I will do my keyword homework to make sure your website is optimized to show up as high as possible on Google to create organic growth for your business, music, or brand. 

Need a new logo or wordmark for your company or brand? I offer logo design services. I look forward to talking about your business and how I can utilize my talents to help. Talk to me today about how I can grow your business through social media marketing, videos, blogging, and creating dynamic content. I will work incredibly hard to create superb, engaging content for your business so you can be discovered organically and won't burn through your advertising budget rapidly with no results. Websites and landing pages I have designed and optimized for SEO have appeared in the top 3 results on Page 1 of Google on many occasions. 

Copywriting and Blogging

Writing Services and Blog Posts


Entertaining, well-written, informative blog posts with SEO at the forefront to drive traffic to your website.

Greg Durbin will work tirelessly to help grow your business.

Gregory Durbin

Gregory Durbin offers business & marketing services for startups, brands, artists, and individuals.

I look forward to working with your business or startup brand to collaborate and use my creative talents to take care of your marketing, branding, copywriting, & web design.

Digital Marketing for Startups and Established Businesses

Gregory Durbin: Social media marketer, web designer, and content creator in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Let's make 2020 a terrific year!

I am ready to do big things in 2020 and I hope you are as well! Let's talk marketing and content.

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Let's discuss your business goals and needs. I really want to help.

For All Aspects of Marketing and Branding

Greg Durbin has over 8 years experience in domain acquisition, building websites, startup branding, SEO, copywriting, video storytelling, and content marketing.

Greg Durbin Social Media Marketing & Web Design

Contact Gregory Durbin via e-mail to discuss your business vision and how I can help make your business dreams a reality at gdurbin74@gmail.com

More About Gregory Durbin


Some of my strengths are my creativity and ability to learn new skills quickly. I have an ability to adapt and go in another direction when one strategy isn't working as effectively as I'd like. 


I want your business to succeed and if you hire me, I promise to outwork, outsmart, and out hustle your business competition by creating top social media posts, creating top content, and being your SEO keyword optimization web designer. I will write effective blog posts, create catchy YouTube videos, and engage your social media followers. This will drive traffic to your website organically and the benefits will be long-lasting.


My web design, social media marketing, logo/branding, and content creation packages are extremely affordable. I have packages that will fit any budget. Contact me today so we can discuss what your business needs are. 

Gregory Durbin is a GoDaddy Pro Member

Greg Durbin Fun Fact

Greg Durbin shoots a free-throw at the Elks National Free-Throw Contest in 1988.

State Free-Throw Champion

In 1988, when I was 13 years old, I made it to the National Finals of the Elks Hoop Shoot which was held at Market Square Arena in Indianapolis, Indiana, home of the NBA's Indiana Pacers. It was an awesome experience and a great memory for a kid that loved basketball. I continued to excel at free-throw shooting throughout high school and led the state of Oklahoma in free-throw percentage in 1992.